“The GymnastikBall is a natural progression of the Pilates Method. I have found both techniques highly effective in the rehabilitation of my patients.”
Dr. Ward G. Gypson, M.D.
Director of Alternative Medicine Services, Dept. of Orthopedics at UCSF Medical Center

Balance on the Ball addresses the needs of both the personal trainer and the average individual…Highly recommended!”
Jill Kinney
CEO of Club One

“Elisabeth beautifully communicates the concept of core strengthening and balance, allowing people with any level of experience to understand and implement these beneficial mind-body exercises in their daily lives…A great guide!”
Kelley Rajala
Rajala Rehab Products

“An excellent core muscle workout for building strength, coordination and balance…easy to do at home.”
Martha McClaren
Physical Therapist

“I have multiple sclerosis, so balance and strengthening are very important to me. I keep a Ball in my office and use it throughout the day for stretching and balance exercises. That, plus Pilates, has helped improve my MS symptoms.”
Pam Cole

“Working with Elisabeth, I have developed super abs! My posture has improved (people remark on it), because I can keep my ribcage lifted. I have developed back muscles I didn’t know were there, which has helped with shoulder and elbow problems. Most of all, I have developed patience and persistence which extends into the rest of my life. Working over a three-year period, I have learned that you start with what you have and go from there — whether it’s with your body or your life. As for working on the Ball, it is harder than it looks, but it is lots of fun.”
Mary L. Wood
Real Estate Appraiser

“After two months of twice a week Pilates sessions with Elisabeth, I have developed stomach muscle definition that I haven’t had since I was 23 and dancing two hours a day. Now approaching 50, this seems nothing short of miraculous. Plus, I now have deltoid arm muscle definition that I’ve never had before! The Pilates system is the most efficient series of exercises that I have found and Elisabeth makes it safe and fun.”
Ann Noel