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About the GymnastikBall

Established in 1950, Ledragomma was the first manufacturer in the world to produce large plastic balls for sport, fitness, gymnastics, therapy, school and play. The GymnastikBall, pictured on the cover of Balance on the Ball, was the original stability ball.


The stability ball was first used as a tool for rehabilitation in Switzerland in the 1960s.  In the 1970s, therapists in the United States began using the ball to treat spinal injuries and other medical problems, but it was not discovered as an effective method of general body conditioning until the early 1990s.  The ball is now widely recognized in the fitness industry, and many personal trainers believe it to be their best overall training tool for developing core strength, flexibility, balance, and posture.


Ledragomma's newer Maxafe balls are now recommended for the demands of your fitness or therapy program. The safest and most rugged balls you can buy, Maxafe balls are burst-resistant and able to withstand constant and rough use. If punctured or cut, Maxafe balls will deflate slowly. Small punctures can be repaired with a special "Fix-A-Kit."

Maxafe Balls